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Hey dudes! 
I had an epic idea for a fanfiction for Portal. IDK if it'll take off or what, but it was mulling about in my head all day and I needed to get it out. 
Actually, the reason why I mulled this idea in my head stemmed from a mulling rage I have about cosplay- I cannot make the portal gun (I currently don't have the skill nor time to make the gun), nor do I have the funds to buy the cosplay props and costume. Instead I wanted to create a fanfiction which takes off to become canon, or pseudo-canon to Portal. 
So if this works, I can create a fanfiction with fanart, which in design, can be very easy to cosplay. 

So here it goes......

BTW I saw the film 'Transcendence' and I was like "....GLADOS complex...-_-" 

Aperture Laboratories: The Gauntlets

Device 1: Weight Bearing Exo-Gauntlets (Gauntlets that can help the user pull their wieght up easily, or easier, as well as carry and move very heavy objects) 

Device 2: Fall Flats (Mark 2 of Long fall boots, but more stylish and support the legs.) 

Test Subject: Kelly, or 'Kell' as she is called. 

Age: 19
Sex: Female

General: Bob-cut, brown eyes, relatively toned body, ideal wieght. 
Pre-Ap: Black jeans, A patterned T-shirt, messenger bag, bomber glasses, Rat symbol necklace, Cross necklace
Ap- Attire: Orange-ish tank top, Cross necklace, '4109' is branded above her right breast, grey slacks/grey compression capris pants/ black shorts, bare feet/fall flats, black gauntlet gloves

Characteristics: Dandere, Passionate, Alert; quick to trust, but once betrayed can be very distrusting, doubtful of her own abilities, some tenacity. Most prominent feature is her integrity to her morals and promises.
Biographic notes: She is of an Asian descent, similar to Chell in her intelligence (above average, but not as intelligent as Chell) and fitness (more fitter), but she is more expressive of her emotions (but only marginally. She hums, and smiles and grimaces, and does show some emotion on her face.). She can talk, but rarely does so- knowing that betraying the full scale of the emotional impact would be disasterous. She sustains a mainly neutral expression, and talks only to communicate neutral things. She is waiting for a good moments to have a comeback with the strongest effect on GlaDOS and the other machines. She does take a liking to the Cores, but often leave them far away from her when she is having an emotional breakdown in some of the 'Ratt-Holes'

How did she end up at AP: By accident, while photographing the countryside, she stumbles upon the shed and causes the ground to fall beneath her feet. She ends up being taken in by GlaDOS as a new human test subject for her new device-  WBE Gauntlets. 

Other Characters

GlaDOS (duh. No Big G = No Portal) 
Kaisei/Toku/Kaoru Core* 
Wheatley (Yes, he will be returning as a secondary character!!) 
C. Science Core (conscience II core) 
Romance Core
Emotional Intelligence Core
vIrUS Core
I-phone!! (This becomes important later on XD) 

*secondary protagonist, more info TBA. Not a Wheatley copy-cat, as shown.... Don't worry they won't be sent to SpaAAAAAAaaaaaaCCE*  

Plot and Storyline

Plot: Kelly, a girl who strongly abides by systems and regulations in her life, but resents them, is taking photographs in an abandoned complex, until she accidentally falls down a hole (or more like the unstable floor collapses underneath her) and lands in GlaDOS's chamber. Amused and irritated by Atlas and P-Body's demanding of a new testing partner, GlaDOS takes her in as a new test subject to test out new prototypes of Fall Flats and the WBE Gauntlets. 

Does she break out: Yes- She doesn't kill GlaDOS because she sees Caroline still alive in her (its against her morals to kill people), but she severely disables her capabilities to kill and do harm to the next possible subjects. As she leaves, she leaves encouraging notes around for GlaDOS to explore her humanity she still haves, saying 'Why not try this little experiment?' It is strongly hinted that she gets onto creating a physical body to experience 'humanity'. 


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