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As you go through life you'll see
There is so much that we
Don't understand
And the only thing we know
Is things don't always go
The way we planned

Sometimes, you wondered what is true happiness.
You felt light most of the time- if not just normal. Like you were always feeling..neutral most of the time. 
Sometimes the occasional leap in your heart would lead you to either a soaring feeling, or a tumbling feeling, or a drowning feeling. 
But there were so many times while in the Survey Corps when you would hear about this mysterious thing called 'Happiness'- an elusive feeling that many capture a glimpse of for a few seconds or a few days until its dashed away from them. 

Just a three days ago, you came back from the battlefields; you were spared the physical pain, but the emotional pains- you certainly weren't. You crawled out of bed just as the sun was peaking over the horizon and Wall Rose. Slipping on your uniform and straps, you made your way downstairs, creaked open the gates and jogged over to the mass cremation spires. There was still ashes from the days past, and the air still hung of death. 
You knelt to the ground, rubbing your finger tips in the ashes as you blew them off into the morning breeze. 
Pertra. Oulo. Gunther. Eld. 
They are so young. They are so free. 
"At least you are free now. Fly out. Mungu baraka.*" you murmured with a smile as you felt a ghostly breeze caress your cheek and stroke your (h/c) ponytail. 
See you again. Someday. My beloved friend.  

But you see everyday that we'll never turn away
When it seems all your dreams come undone
We will stand by your side
Filled with hope and filled with pride
We are more than we are
We are one

You turned, realising that you failed to notice Squad Leader Hanji, Commander Erwin, and Captain Levi were standing just a few feet away, staring down at the spires with seriousness plastered on their faces; a potion of melancholy, defeat, grief, and weariness swirled in their eyes. 
"God, what am I going to tell their families...I promised that I'd keep them safe...I.."
Hanji laid a hand on Levi's shoulders. 
"You did what you could, Captain." Erwin stoically repeated. This wasn't the first time Levi heard his commander use those words; many times over he heard him say that to other Squad leaders past, and to other soldier's. But to him, now, and to the team who had been with him for longer than he could remember? 

"Erwin, I swore an oath to myself and to my dear friends that I'd protect them, not endanger them like this. I thought...I thought they'd be fine...but.." 

You stared on, their words reverberating in your ears. Your eyes expanded and it felt like rain drops pattering down the side of your face and on your jacket as you listened. 

"...It was like back then...Farlan...Isabel...I..I was.." 
You stood up, the gravel under your feet grabbing their attention. It felt like a heartbeat when you embraced all three of them at once, and rubbed your ash-ridden hands on their backs. 

"You did nothing wrong, Sir. You only knew what you knew back then. Know that they weren't alone when they died- know that they died happy, and that they are not mad at you. I know it because they were so loyal to you, and they loved you sir. Please don't beat yourself up about it." you mumbled into Levi's temple. You felt a calloused hand tighten around your harness tighter and a heaving body. 

Family family
We are one
Family family
We are one

You returned in silence, even Hanji was OOC. And it felt just strange- and for some reason, you felt a tug up your cheek as you entered the hall with the other solemn soldiers. Some were crying upon the shoulders of comrades; Eren's fists were clenched in a tight fist around his green cloak with Mikasa and Armin at his side. 

If there's so much I must be
Can I still just be me
The way I am
Can I trust in my own heart
Or am I just one part
Of some big plan.

"I could have changed, Mikasa. I could have prevented this from all happening. Because of me, Levi lost his entire squad and now-" he sobbed. Mikasa, strong as ever, wrapped her scarf ends around Eren's neck and she held him tight. 

"Eren, you didn't know it was going to happen. The Commander and Levi knew the risk for trying to capture the Female Titan, and protect you. We need to saddle up and keep fighting. For them. For Us." 

"Eren," Armin began ", you are more valuable than ever to humanity. Don't think that you'll be disposed of just because this mission failed. You are not worthless just because of an accident." 
Armin shook his head.

"You and guys have always been strong for me. And, I mean, what have I ever done." he muttered bitterly, as a loose crystal fell from his eyes.

"No Armin, you have saved our lives on many occasions past. You have been useful in the Battle of Trost, and you alerted us about the Female Titan," Mikasa shook her head ", Believe in yourself. You've been strong when others haven't." 

"Yeah Armin, you're idea to ambush the Titans back then...It was an incredible idea. I seriously thought we were royally screwed, but you really helped us gain a footing from that." you interjected. You gave them a lopsided grin, gently slapping Armin's shoulder. ", buck up Armin, You are destined for greatness," you're eyes met Eren's teary green ones ", as are you Eren. I signed up to this because I believe in you. All of us. I believe in all of us- we can still save humanity." 

Even those who are gone
Are with us as we go on
Your journey has only begun

Your footsteps echoed around the castle as you headed out to the kitchen for a light snack. Turning the corner, you caught a small glance through the doors of an office- Erwin and Levi's. It was eerily lifeless in there; save a couch and two desks and neat piles of death notices. Some were tainted in blood, while others...were crinkled from an unknown liquid. But what caught your eyes the most was the portraits on the wall- each of them were the faces of those who were part of Levi's team. The details were incredible- Petra's dimples, Oulo's smug mug, Gunther's goatee, Eld's frown. They seemed to be alive and staring at the audience in their own quirky compassionate ways.
You sniffed the air- your eyes widening and mouth agape.
It was the smell of paint. And those portraits...Did Levi paint them? You kept looking around, until you heard a pair of boots stop behind you.  
"Cadet (f/n), what do you think you are doing in my office?" 
"Sir, these are beautiful."
"What about it, brat?" 
"Sir, you should display these outside." you smiled, turning around to Levi. 
"Tch, why?" 
You smiled. 
"Because, you should be proud of them. They deserve to be remembered as our heroes. They certainly made it on my list of heroes."
He was silent for a while, his brows and corners of his lips twitching. 

Tears of pain tears of joy
One thing nothing can destroy
Is our pride deep inside
We are one

"You dirtied my cloak." 
You could only smile harder. "Maybe its something to think about"
"Putting up the portraits in the halls. I mean, you can't really commemorate and immortalize a hero if no one knows about them."
You swore you saw the Captain flash a subtle grin before he closed off again.
"Um, what was I...Oh yeah. Please excuse me."
You quickly dashed out of the office, down the hall and towards the kitchen.
The kitchen- it was as quiet as ever at this hour, except for Sasha. 
You cleared your throat which earned a terrified shriek and a scattering of mini baguettes. 
"Oh! (f/n) You gave me a fright, what for!?" 
You came over and helped her pick up the loaves, your eyes enchanted by this moment.
"Tough week, eh?..Hey (f/N) are you alright?" 
"I guess.." you heaved, turning to Sasha. She held your hand and smiled a little. 
"Hey, you wanna head back to our room?" 
"...I'll bring the cheese." 
Sasha smiled and hugged you. 
"Maybe just this once I'll do something stupid."
"You know (f/n) the reason why I like doing these stupid things is because you'll never know if this will be your last." 
"And I have to concur with this." came a baritone voice, and the clunking of wine glasses and a champagne bottle.  

Family family
We are one
Family family
We are one

You both whipped your heads around to meet the sapphire eyes of Erwin. With loaves still in arm, you saluted him, only to receive a chuckle. His eyes had an ever faint black ring around them, a weakened smile and ruffled blonde hair. 
"S-Sir! I'm so sorry, I promise that we won't steal-"
"It's alright Cadet Braus, in fact, I'd be more than happy to have an impromtu picnic with you tonight during my night watch, which should be in a few minutes." 
Your eyes widened in surprise, but both of you nodded, picking up the bread and the cheese and an old tablecloth, as you three reached the highest tower in the fortress, and pitched yourselves on the roof. Laying out the cloth and the food felt like a lifetime of joy rolled into one small moment. 

We are one you and I
We are like the earth and sky
One family under the sun

"Sir, what was it like when you were a cadet?" you just asked. 
"...Young, foolish, curious. I never knew how precious my life was until...its nothing really."
You looked out to the horizon; where the moon was starting to rise and the air grew relaxed and cool. 
He placed a gloved hand on Sasha and your shoulder, gently pulling both of you close to him.
"You cadets, reminded me of the time when Commander Dok and I used to be in the Cadets. All you your young, youthful, and ambitious faces reminded me of those times when we wanted life to pass us by fast so we could get to our life objectives."
Commander Dok....Commander of the Military Police? They used to be friends? What happened to that?
The courtroom scene. When you saw them exchanging cordial gazes across a chasm. Their stares seemed absolutely lifeless compared to what Erwin recounted.  
He heaved a heavy sigh as if being in this moment made him...experience something he could almost never have. 
"You cadets; all bright and ambitious. You are like the family I'll never have. It..truly breaks me to send you off to battle in the chance that you may not make it back. Anyone of you. Anyone of my men and women. I feel so...ashamed and guilty. It like I had to send my own family to die for me when I should be protecting them, and-oh, look at me rambling on." 

"Sir, we all have our moments," you encouraged ", its okay to feel bad. As a commander it is your job, but really, sir in this moment, I felt like I know so much more about the man behind the legend. And you know what, I am glad for one thing." 
"What may that be?" 
"You are human, and a caring man. A good man, well, a good man in my books." 
You swallowed the baguette lump in your mouth.
"To me, you're like our father- encouraging us to do our best even if it meant the death of us. We all know what we are signing up for, and that you may send us to the hands of fate. But in all, what I find most special and meaningful is stuff like this. Here in the fortress- even cleaning up with Captain Levi- I think every moment I get to spend time with anyone is something with purpose."
You smiled as a tear rolled down your cheek from this beautiful moment of personal epiphany.
"Hm? You're crying?" asked Sasha.
"You're right. Life is beautiful. Its what you make of it and what you see. And I see moments with my friends, and simple moments doing something meaningful and with a purpose, makes me so alive. I don't have to have a lifetime to have my happiness. It's right here before me. I just haven't been looking hard enough." you wept.  
" I didn't know you were this emotional." gulped Sasha. 
"Cool story (f/n)!" came a new voice. 
"Mr Springer! How wonderful for you to join us!" Erwin invited the other Cadet to join the picnic.
"Dude, that was an epic monologue. Where did you come up with that?"
"Today. I realised that although our loved ones are gone, they still burn brightly and alive in the meaningful memories we had of them. We must carry their flame on in what we do to honour them and pay tribute to what they have given up for us. They deserve it."  

All the wisdom to lead
All the courage that you need
You will find when you see
We are one

Even if I die tomorrow, I spent my last few moments of it living it up
Being at my best
And being there for others.

*Google Translation in Swahili (an African tribal tongue in Central-Eastern Africa)= 'God bless'
We are One-Reader X (Erwin,Levi,Sasha,AME Trio)
Holy sh!t! This took me two days! O_O

But thank Goodness for the Lion King ('We are One'- from Lion King 2) to lighten my load. 
And this was supposed to be for Erwin's birthday, but it was delayed because of assignments. 
But anyways, Happy Birthday Danchou! 

Dedicated to :iconkaoru-reisaki: and :iconrunefires: :iconaotlemon: :iconflossy-floss: 
TAKE THE CAKE BABES *smashes you with leftover Birthday cake from Erwin's birthday party*

Attack on Titianators: MiKasA- Ackermann (doodle) by Tecna-assassin13
Attack on Titianators: MiKasA- Ackermann (doodle)
I swear Mikasa is a T-800 jeez....she is so protective of eren and stuff.
What i like about mikasa and eren ship is that its about life long love- true legit love.
Me in AOT by Tecna-assassin13
Me in AOT
What the F____k! Is my pic sideways? Dang ipad.

You awoke from your slumber, a smile played upon your plump red pucker after that dream. It has been a few days since your injury; and another pitiful defeat. You got word that Erwin and his expedition (or what was left of it) were returning to camp, and secretly you were glad. As long as he was still alive, you were content and burning aflame. You heaved yourself up into a sitting position, hissing in pain as your arm stung and your head and heart pounded. You tried to pull yourself out of the bed to find Erwin (and some food).

“Hey take it easy (f/n)! You’re no Titan.”

You turned your spinning head around and met the truffle colored eyes of Squad Leader Hanji.

“Oh, hey Leader Hanji. How long was I out? What happened?”

She shook her head and hauled you back into the bed. You were still dressed in your uniform; now crumpled out of its pride and stained in blood.

“You were out for three days solid. Sheesh what luck you have. And you came down with the Flu last night, so you’re sitting out on this one.” She said cheerfully.


Your heart sank into the abyss of dread, powerlessness, and despair. You’re eyes flicked downwards at your pitiful body; soaked in sweat and bruises.

“And, oh my gosh, it was so cute last night. You were so delirious, and when Erwin came through. Oh my gosh, you were so adorable…but did you mean it?”


“I what?”

“Oh you may have been really delirious then. But-“ Hanji burst out laughing as she exited the hospital tent, unable to contain herself.

“It was so cute! It made my dark day light!”

“What is it, Hanji? Please?” you hoarsely shouted.

“Don’t worry, it’ll come back to you. I gotta go, be back to check on you soon!”

You groaned, turning to the table next to you to slosh down another glass of water. It was a cold shot down that burning body of yours; a relief from that ache and pain that wracked your body. You wondered…was this what…everyone was talking about? That pleasurable feeling you get when you were…intimate? It was a luxury; maybe a simple pleasure like being able to sit out, get sick, to have a simple meal and drink was something to be treasured because it could be your last.

Maybe it’s the same with love.

Too bad it was commoditized.

You went back to dreaming; dreaming of that luxury and prize called love.

It kept you occupied until night fell, and you were awoken by a gentle sound of footsteps towards your bed. Your crusty eyes opened and there at the end of the bed was a tall figure; a dark green glint, two broad shoulders, and a tray of food was lain across your lap before he went back to the shadows in the dark

“Cadet (f/).”

You feebly saluted and croaked “S-sir.”

“At ease. Have something to eat. You need it.”

You picked at the meal before you; surprised that it was a hot meal. It consisted of piping hot Pretzel, Wurst, and a small side dish of an equally hot Apple Strudel- indeed a rarity.

He sat in silence as he watched you eat. You were starving, but simultaneously felt so self-conscious; that your commander and your crush was staring at you eat. You wondered if the mere action of eating was enough to turn someone on, like slow motion sensuality.

“Thank you sir, this is amazing!” you exclaimed, dabbing your lips with a napkin after the Apple Strudel. You accidently burped a little, earning a blush from yourself, and….is Erwin blushing too?

“Oh, my compliments to the cook- er, actually the Chef. I’d totally kiss the Chef. The Strudel is amazing. It made my evening, and oh, so is the Pretzel it was perfect, and-“

Your eyes focused in the dark; Erwin’s usually stern composure gave way to a pair of blue orbs drifting and darting around away from your eyes, and a dusted shade of red around his cheeks. His hands ruffled the back of his blonde hair and loosen his bolo tie a little. There was a nervous baritone chuckle.

“’ey, you okay sir?”

“Well, the thing is, Cadet, er….I made this, for you.”

Tha-thump went your little heart.


He came closer to the lantern, and behold was a uniform but with an apron stained in an array of earthy splotches and smells of a kitchen was on top of the usual blood stained uniform.

You moved the tray away as the Commander sat down next to you, removed the kitchen apron, he wrapped his arms around you. He smelled fresh of sugar, leather, coffee, and spices, and rusted iron. You hugged him back, your arms barely wrapping around his hips and up his shoulders. Your fingers and body trembled as he whispered your name in your ears before he nipped at your hot neck, and trailed up your ears and coming to an abrupt stop at your lips.

He hushed you as you held back a moan. His gloved fingers wiped away a stray tear from your eyes as his lips just missed your own (A/N The Common cold is spread through bodily fluids, such as saliva, so Erwin is one savvy tease!). Your own lips parted, a gasp before you felt your body being slowly cocooned in his titanic structure.

He stopped, sitting up to meet your own tearful, (e/c) eyes, a small hint of pleasure, guilt and sadness played upon his blue sapphires.

“I-I’m sorry; Apologies, Cadet. I should-“

Your fingers snatched his gloved hands before you slammed your lips into his neck. He gasped as you drew him closer to your body in an angry desperation, despite your smaller frame. You kissed him as you ran your weak fingers from your only capable, but strong arm through his thick and silky hair.   

“Negative, Sir. You have not offended me.” You said after breaking away from the attacks of hickeys. Rather the contrary, you were quite relieved that you could finally take action, even bed-ridden.

His eyes lit up, before returning to normal. He straightened his jacket, fixed his partings, and continued to remove the empty tray.

“Well, Cadet. That was rather….eventful. Do you request anything else?”

And…Hanji had to show up.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH So cute!” she screamed before she belly flopped on the end of your bed, sending you bouncing around.

“Hanji, please do not disturb the patient.”

“Aww, that was so cute! Wait up, remember Erwin, what happened last night?”

You could tell he was internally facepalming, and his blush heightened.

“Wait…what happened?”

Hanji laughed.

“You were so delirious…and all you wanted was some ‘physical’ relief.”

Oh shit.
It all came back to you.
The Massage.  

Burning Desires: Erwin X Reader (Part 3)
:iconrunefires: :iconkaoru-reisaki: 
Thank you for your patience! It has been rewarded. 
I am so so so so so sorry for the long wait. So...yep another blithering cliff hanger. 
Thanks a lot Hanji. 
And heck yeah, Erwin cooking for you. YEAH :iconovariesplz: 

I own no one, except for Apple strudel...maybe. 
I love them all though. 
Modern Wings of Freedom by Tecna-assassin13
Modern Wings of Freedom
If AOT were about to have a tragic ending, I just hope there'd be some epic turnabout (*sigh, another Ace Attorney ref*) with someone randomly calling up the Air Force from beyond the walls and just carpet bomb the titans to oblivion.
And...when you see it, you'll shat rainbows.  

I own nothing. 
1.- put your music on shuffle.
2.- for each question, press the next button to get your answer.

I'm With You- Avril Lavigne (I am like that sometimes; relying on the opinion of others before making a choice. Whatever they feel like then I agree or disagree- its not my place to decide for them.)

The Great Revival- Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Soundtrack (, I guess that song makes quirky, regal, epic, filthy-f___king rich, and perfectionist...? Wow! Cravat guys FTW!! I'm the Scarf gal for realz!) HOLY COW Levi Ackermann 'Heichou'=Miles Edgeworth! 

I See The Light- Tangled Soundtrack (I totally wanna a guy who loves disney as much as I do, and ain't afraid to break out singing a tune! Yep!) 

Wake Me Up- Avicii (yes, ever the optimist and the rebel...I can play this song on the Ukulele! ^_^. I feel like this song every day- wanting to stay young forever, yet wanting to be wise and mature. Trying to find myself all the time.) 

The Decision of Love- HetaOni Soundtrack (*sniffs* Oh the feels, and how true it is. Giving up my own life to save the others. And I feel Italy-chan's pain; wanting to do something for your loved ones that is meaningful to them. Yet, we both keep failing. I guess we both need teamwork- form a pact rather than rolling solo in a disaster.) 

Threw it on the Ground- The Lonely Island (Yep, I do this with most of the samples and junk catalogues I get in the mail...I do kinda feel that way- I AM NOT PART OF THIS SYSTEM! Be a maverick that's mah purpose LOL XD) 

The Best is Yet To Come- Michael Buble (mysterious, sexy dude and chick magnet [according to the jazzy feel of the song >XD], and one who keeps surprising them with improvements???) 

Last Friday Night (TGIF) *NIGHTCORE* - Katy Perry + Youtube Nightcore DJs (The song is a disco in itself bro) 

WHAT IS 2+2?
21st Century Digital Girl- Nightcore

Do What You Want- Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera (SHE AIN'T MY W_____E!! It's not like that!! O__O)  

Spectrum- Zedd and Hatsune Miku 

We Found Love- Lindsey Stirling Nightcore (Tribal and Epic! Yep; my new found love for Attack On Titan- everyone dies, but I love them all, and the family thing in it!) 

Game Of Thrones Theme- Game of Thrones Soundtrack (I wanna be Daenerys Targaryen. She is a BadA$$!!) 

I am the Doctor- Doctor Who Soundtrack (I don't die; I F______G REGENERATE INTO ANOTHER ME!! I hope I end up a badass!!) >XD

Caipirinha (sped up)- IDK (OMG >XD Everyone be dancing the Caipirinha dance meme thing with Caramelldansen dance) 

Fly Out- Hatsune Miku (I feel so free and engulfed in a beautiful world *sniffs*) 

Once Upon a December- Anastasia Soundtrack + Nightcore (Ballroom Dancing YEAH BABS! I wanna dance to this song with Erwin and Levi and Eren and Armin *faints from romanticness*) 

Karakuri Burst (Neoclassical Instrumental)- Kagamine Rin and Len (I am Asian, I like the stark colours of Red, White, Silver, and Black as a combo. A. Lot. And I think that the almost-nazi-like uniforms are hot.) 

Let It Go- Frozen Soundtrack (We sing this all the time! We are just so free and stuff and open with each other!) 

Cry Me A River- Diana Krall (Unfaithfulness and betrayal)

Still Alive- Aperture Science OST (Glados killing everyone and not giving a sh___t; and testing on people!! It's fun, but for goodness sake, at least keep the subjects alive and treat them nice GEEZ!) 

Jack Sparrow- Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack (TRUE!! He's sooo slippery and funny. I like his pacifism and methods of trolling. He is like me! He's also like my BFF) 

Till the World Ends- Britney Spears

I wanna be your world- Hatsune Miku (I don't die; I get uploaded and immortalized as a Vocaloid! forever singing songs and being part of the musical world!) 

I can take off my panties- Kagamine Rin (XD...O_o;)

I Could Be The One- Avicii ft. Nicky Romeo (I was destined for greatness for them and for others! I need to make it so!) 

Let there be love- Silje Nergaard (charmingly classy and sexy jazz everyone likes me?) 

Older- George Michael (Age...and time. Of Course.) 

Dear Boy- Avicii ft Audra Mae (I'd go back in time and spend more time with the one I loved...before.....) 

 tagged :iconhipster-reject: 

Originally done by :iconrunefires:


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